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We tutor K-12 learners including struggling learners, students with special needs, ESOL students, and academically advanced students.

Our Vision:
Try + Do = Success!

Many children are afraid of failure and give up when they encounter challenges.

We believe that each child can learn  if he/she is given the appropriate tools and support. 

The Davis Key's formula for success is to provide the tools and resources that students need, to guide and encourage students to attempt (try) the challenges that are before them, and to encourage learners to persist (do) by taking realistic and manageable steps towards their goals.

By providing quality tutoring and learning supports for our students in our community, we aim to help an ever increasing number of students experience success in school and life by eliminating learning gaps.


Our goals are to:


  •  use research-based best practices in literacy education and Mathematics to help students excel.
  • use evidence-based strategies to build students' confidence and support their academic success.
  • make tutoring and learning services affordable and accessible to all children/families. 
  • provide resources so that students have the tools that they need to learn and be successful.
  • provide resources so that parents can better support their children's learning needs.


Our mission is to:

Equip learners with the key skills and essential resources they need to bridge any academic and/or social gaps so that they can be prepared for school,  life, career readiness or college.

The Davis Key To Success Learning and Tutoring Center